Hello, I'm Anna Marie January, an artist living in Los Angeles, California. I use hexagonal wire mesh (aka common chicken wire) to create sculptures that allow air, light and love to move through and around them. Isn't it true that all the good stuff happens in the spaces between? 

The inherent qualities of the medium are perfect for creating lightweight sculptures that are both form and space, there and not there.  Depending upon lighting, the wire can produce some pretty dramatic shadows.
I discovered my love for working with the hexagonal mesh in 2010 while studying figurative sculpture with artist Cynthia Minet. Most pieces require many hours, and hundreds of cuts and twists to achieve the final results. I am grateful to have an ability, a practice, a place to put my intention, where my heart can sing! It is a place where I often lose track of time, so it's funny that one of the first questions I'm asked is "How long does something like that take?" I'll count my hours if you like, or we can agree that I'll have it for you in a month. ;) 

Before the wire, I sculpted in clay, drew with charcoal and pastels, and made really cool Halloween costumes for my kids.
In 2015 I began pairing my sculptures with my paintings. So, does this make my art 5D?  ​Inspired by the human condition and beyond, I hope to create work that sparks recognition, little patches of remembrance, and smiles for us both. 

​-Anna Marie January

Or Coming to an Unexpected Location Near You! 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Exhibition History​​​​​​​​​:
2017  Seeing Blue, Gallery25N, Virtual Online Group Exhibition,  http://www.gallery25n.com/SeeingBlue-2017.html
2016   Light Play, Group Exhibition, ​Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA
2015  Buenaventura Art Associations's 29th Annual Open Competition, Juried Exhibition, Juror Linda Kemp, Buenaventura Gallery, Ventura, CA
2015 My Sunset Woman Plays Guitar, Temporary Public Art, Malibu Guitar Festival, Malibu, CA
2014  Clothing Optional, Juried Exhibition, Juror David Elder, Second Place and People's Choice Winner,  Studio Channel Islands Art Center Blackboard Gallery, Camarillo, CA 
2014  Planet, curated by Cynthia Minet, Group Exhibition, Moorpark College Art Gallery, Moorpark, CA​
​2014   Anna Marie January: The Spaces Between,  Solo Exhibition, Pink Flamingo Gallery, Moorpark College, Moorpark, CA
2014 Ventura County Government Center Show, Group Show, Administration Building, Fourth Floor, Ventura, CA 
2013 The Bride: For Edith, Temporary Public Art, 8851 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA
2013  Buenaventura Art Association's 27th Annual Open Competition, Juried Exhibition, juror Katrina McElroy, Buenaventura Gallery,  Ventura, CA  
2012​  ​Group Exhibition, Moorpark College Art Gallery, Moorpark, CA
2012 Group Exhibition, Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Camarillo, CA


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Fairy Tale Redux

Figures: painted wire, cord

Ball Gowns:

(bodice) recycled grocery bags

(skirt) toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, paint


In the  S p a c e s  Between ⬡⬡⬡ mixed media art

Sometimes pieces morph...
Here is The Bride celebrating equality in West Hollywood, CA.  
She then became part of a dancing duo on the roof called Fairy Tale Redux.
What was going on before the wire?  Here is some of my past work in clay, charcoal and pastels...
​               tel. 818. 398.9673              
Here are some hexagons found in nature.
Can you identify them?    ;)

​​​Answers: 1. Honeycomb  2. Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland  3. Soap bubbles  4. Snowflake  5. Saturn's North Pole

Artwork by Anna Marie January