In the  S p a c e s  Between


​​​​         Anna Marie Jan​uary                  ​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Blues and Guitar

 wire, found object, paint  60"H



Hello and welcome!  I'm Anna Marie January,
spirit in human form
​making mixed media art. 

I use hexagonal wire mesh to create
expressive figurative sculptures and 
I paint abstracts.  

Whether my wire pieces are free standing, hanging,
or paired with paintings, they all allow light, air and thought
to move through and around the them.
The really juicy stuff always happens
in the spaces between, doesn't it?


Suitable for indoor or outdoor display,

and depending upon lighting,

the sculptures produce dramatic shadow effects.

Inspired by the human condition and beyond,

my intent is to make art that sparks recognition,

little patches of remembrance,

and smiles for us both. 

Prices Available Upon Request
I accept commissions, including memorial pieces 

Questions or comments? ​
I'd love to hear from you!





Artwork by Anna Marie January